Your Diet Designed and Delivered

Most of us love to eat and we all know that we must eat healthily to maintain good health.

However when Christmas comes along we do tend to treat ourselves and there is always so much chocolate around!
So when I found that the christmas glut transpired into January, despite the New Years resolution of getting back on track and the pounds were slipping on unnoticed I suddenly felt it was time to take action!
I met Jane Michell of JanePlanUK -( – at an event and she has put me on her fabulous eating plan.
The great thing about it is that your meals are designed precisely for you and delivered for the whole month, so absolutely no excuses not to eat the right foods!
I’m starting my Jane Plan tomorrow and excitedly await my delivery of yummy, healthy, prepacked food.
I’ll keep you posted on my progress!
For more infomation about JanePlan go to her website

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