Week 1 of JanePlan

Week One of JanePlan is complete! I hastily jumped on the dreaded scales after my first week and discovered that I’d lost 2 kilos (4.4 lbs). What a result! I’m over half way to losing my first half a stone.

If I said it was easy, I’d be lying…. If I said I wasn’t hungry at times I’d also be lying, but with determination and such an easy plan to follow I powered through.
Day 2 and 3 were the hardest and by day 5 or 6 it seemed easier. I also did quite a bit of exercise during the week which helped. Yesterday I did a 6 mile walk with the group of Athena women, as part of our training for Maggies Night Walk in September and that burned off at least 500 calories!
What is so great about this healthy eating plan is that the food is there for you to heat up, no planning ahead, just making sure you have fruit and vege available and off you go.
It has also helped with portion control. I think that by cutting our usual portions down by 1/3 would be a good way to lose weight.
Jane recommends that when we eat out, take one 1/3 of the food on the plate to one side and leave it.
Will be looking forward to seeing where I am in a week and Jane will call me again on Saturday to find out!

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