Vitali Chi – Energy for Life

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Try Meditation with Vitali-Chi

It is a natural preventative health care system, which revitalises depleted energy.  It is the perfect meditation and will improve

sleep patterns, regulate blood pressure, relieve tension and stress.  It is the Ultimate Power Nap!




In addition, there is Vitali-Chi Boost

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This enhances and delivers natural healing substances, which increases their potency via the energy field.  It is a safe method to improve health and wellbeing.  It releases hidden emotions and memories, clears the aura of emotional debris, facilitates personal change, increases sensitivity to life energy, enhances intuitive abilities and assists spiritual development.


As a practitioner you would visit my practice in Harley Street where you will feel cared for and come out feeling wonderfully relaxed and

less stressed .

This treatment can help with:

    • Insomnia or sleep problems
    • reducing symptoms of pain
    • works well alongside any medical treatment
    • relieving stress and tension
    • reducing blood pressure
    • boosting energy

Based on the ancient healing system of acupuncture but without the needles.

A passive, non-mechanical health circuit that re-aligns and rebalances the body’s natural energy system.


Please contact me to discuss further information and to assess your needs  –


“I have been seeing Jo for a while now and benefitting from more traditional massage therapy. On this occasion however I was preparing for an interview that day for a very big job and needed to get in touch with my energy and confidence rather than just my sore stressed muscles! Jo offered me Vitali Chi therapy , alongside a head massage. It was both deeply relaxing as well as highly  energising and I came out raring to go!  I felt clearer physically, mentally and emotionally and was told the following day I got the job!” Finola Culbert

“The Vitali Chi session with Jo Tocher was fabulous. Professional and no nonsense approach to getting some deep relaxation and mindfulness without taking hours from a busy schedule. 
After the treatment I quickly found my stride into my busy lifestyle with all cylinders on fire.
It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend the service and Jo to like-minded busy professionals who are seeking some quality mindfulness time to fit into a hectic time without the fuss.
Thank you Jo”  – Vivienne Bannigan –
“Many thanks for the taster session! I didn’t really know what to expect but I came away feeling much better than when I arrived!
I arrived feeling run down from fighting off a head cold and tired from several nights poor sleeping. The session was wonderfully relaxing and left me feeling calm but with renewed energy to tackle the work I had on. I also slept well that night so felt much improved the following day.”  Sarah Linklater –