To Blog or not to Blog?

Looking at my last blog post I have been a bit remiss in getting a new post out. However, on Friday I attended a Blogging workshop with Heather Waring of and she has given me a new lease of life as far as blogging is concerned!

I don’t know about you but the days whizz by and before you know it there’s a large gap between your blogs, so my new idea is to blog each week and post it up on a Friday….. so watch out!
Today was an interesting day, as I had a tour around the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in White Hart Lane, North London.
This was my very first visit to a football ground and very impressive it was too! I was accompanying a school trip with Tottenham Hotspurs outreach programme. They like to help the community and go into schools to talk to children about healthy eating and keeping active, something that is very close to my heart! So I was invited to go along and supervise a group of children from my kids school (SuperStars). They were so excited to go and see the grounds of some very famous players and something they’ll remember when they get older.
Hopefully some of that healthy eating and fitness advice will stay with them, so they’ll have healthy hearts!
Until next week…..

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