Thrive – How do you Thrive in the 21st Century?

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Today, I was privileged to attend  Red Magazine’s @RedMagDaily #ThriveDay event where one of my role models, Arianna Huffington founder of The Huffington Post, was speaking on how to thrive in our western world.


Her book, aptly named Thrive, is her story of how she reached her lowest point to living a successful,  balanced life.  She advocates 8 hours of sleep – we are all invariably sleep deprived, and often spend time on our computers late into the night.  That’s another thing she advocates….. have a digital detox for one day per week.  Great idea…. the world will still turn if we’re not  hooked up to our devices constantly.


Research tells us that companies who advocate de-stressing techniques as daily practice, such as Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness have 7% reduction in healthcare costs.


Just by implementing simple techniques into our daily lives we can help ourselves to live a more balanced life…

What can we do? #howithrive

  • Sleep more – you can’t oversleep as our bodies will wake up when they’ve had enough..
  • Stretch – slowly stretch when you wake up and ease out of bed, put your feet on the floor and breathe.    Contemplate the day ahead mindfully.  Don’t hit the ground running!
  •  Take a power nap – even a short rest for 20 minutes will increase productivity and re-boot your energy
  • Drink more Water – our cells need it to reproduce effectively and our brain needs it to work well
  • Green Power – a power shot of green juice each morning to fuel our bodies for the day
  • Breathe – diaphragm breathing – really filling your tummy with some controlled breathing, bringing Oxygen to  the cells and exhaling any tension.  Do this in a mindful way
  • Walk – walk, observe and breathe – no phones, no distractions. Take in your surroundings and be in nature if possible
  • Eat Well – mindfully eat and eat healthily.  Cut out sugary foods as much as possible as this is only a temporary  energy boost.
  • Laugh – great for increasing the serotonin levels in your body and breathing in oxygen – do something makes you laugh
  • Love – love those closest to you and tell them often
  • Be around people that make you feel good
  • Find your Rainbow – as Maya Angelou said – “Find your rainbow in the Cloud” – something that makes you feel better when you’re having a grey moment.


Here’s to Thriving in the 21st Century!  If you’d like to take some time out to unwind and reboot come along to our Wellbeing Workshop on Sat 28th June, 2014

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