One in every two people has heart disease without even knowing it.
Could you be one of them?

I’m a certified screening specialist – and I can help you find out. Using a simple Heart Screening (also known as Pulse Wave Analysis) device,  I can give you an accurate reading of your current cardiovascular health and an idea of how it might be in 10 years time.

Why should I have my heart screened?

It’s no secret today’s world threatens our health in many ways. Environmental toxins, poor diet, declining exercise rates and hectic lifestyles all contribute to the rising rates of chronic disease. Heart screening can enable you to take active steps to reduce any risk you may face.

How does Heart Screening work?

Ever wondered how stiff your arteries are? When your heart beats it radiates a pulse wave, which travels down the lining of your arteries to your fingers and toes, then back. The frequency and strength of this wave can help determine the overall health of your cardiovascular system.

What equipment do you use?

The Pulse Wave Analysis measurement tool – known as the Cardio Scope BP+ has been CE approved.  It’s a simple non-invasive cuff device which straps easily on to the upper arm and quickly calculates your personal wave form profile. It feels just like having your blood pressure taken.

As a trained technician, I can analyse the results in minutes and provide some important indicators of your heart health. I look at your blood pressure, central heart pressure, pulse rate, heart beat and arterial stiffness.

Want to know how healthy YOUR heart is?

Please get in touch to make an appointment to check your heart at my Holistic Therapy clinic  in Harley Street or North London.