Post Summer Lethargy

This has been one of the warmest Summers with lots of BBQ’s and fun and a three week break by the sea.   When I arrived back in London and took stock, I’d managed to acquire some extra weight!!!  None of my clothes fitted comfortably and I started to feel heavy in every sense of the word.  Emotionally, physically and spiritually…..  Not a great feeling and somehow I’d lost my mojo.

So I decided finally to get myself back again…. first step was to stretch and breathe with my yoga class, to unwind and stretch my body and feel the muscles again and the energy start to work it’s way through me.

I also returned to my Chiropractor – Back To Health in North Finchley where Dr Paul re-booted my Nervous System!

I started back into the Gym with my personal trainer Hannah Zussman (British Record Holding Powerlifter) who put me through my paces with weights which she maintains is the best way to get rid of body fat. When you work the muscle hard it literally draws on the body fat for energy…. I love that!  I also love to play Tennis and I’ve joined a group of women who meet after school drop off on Monday’s to play for 2 hours…. it’s invigorating and fun.

Next was looking at my diet… I decided to sign up for – They plan, cook and deliver a healthy and calorie-controlled diet to your door to help you reach your weight-loss goals. This is invaluable as you don’t have to count calories or think about what you’re going to eat that day.

Yesterday was my first day, my box of yummy food had arrived and it was time to open it and eat!  It really is as simple as that… breakfast is cereal (mine is Gluten & Diary Free).  As a mid-morning snack I had a handful of carrots. Lunch was tomato and basil soup followed by a pear.  The gratefully received mid-afternoon snack is a Gluten Free Cookie with a cup of Green Tea and dinner was meatballs with green veges.  All very tasty.  The first day I felt hungry as I’m eating a lot less calories and it will take me about a week for my body to acclimatise to that, however I woke this morning feeling a lot lighter in every way.  It’s amazing how much water you can lose in a day!

I can’t wait for my weekly weigh in to see how I’ve done- my goal is to lose 1 stone.  🙂

Prepared and packaged for you
Prepared and packaged for you


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