January Heart Health

CardioScope brochure

As the new year rolls around, some of us think of our health and often wonder what is going on inside.  We  think about our diet, how much alcohol we consume and what state our liver might be in after the Christmas parties.

If that is you and you’re considering making some changes to your diet, or even doing a January Detox why not think also thinkabout looking at your heart health?

The CardioScope BP+ is a device that can give you a heads up on your heart health, and will indicate where you may need to make some changes.  It will look at your blood pressure, the central pressure of your heart and your Arterial stiffness in relation to your age.   Its quick, simple and painless and can leave your feeling empowered about your health.

There are a myriad of natural supplements that can also help, and I have first hand knowledge of which ones would be right for you with the highest quality ensured.

Take a look at this article regarding heart health and contact me if you’d like some more info on your heart health.

Best Wishes with your 2013 resolutions and make your health one of them.


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