JanePlan Diet

Day One of JanePlan…..

Yesterday a very heavy box was delivered and as I excitedly opened it, I discovered my meals for the next month!
How good is that, breakfast (delicious cereals), lunch, scrummy soups and dinner, a whole lotof different dinners to keep me interested.
I awoke full of enthusiasm because today is the first day on the JanePlan. I prepared my scrummy deluxe muesli, full of nuts, raisens, seeds and oats with natural (low fat of course) yoghurt and off I set for my 3 mile walk with the Athena Angels. (We are a group of women belonging to the Athena network and are in training for Maggie’s Night Walk, on Sept 16th).
After I got home I was very much feeling like my lunch and opened my Vegetable Chowder soup which was delicious and finished off with a couple of Clementines.
By 4.pm I started to feel a bit weak and experienced a sugar dip, but had my snack, a low fat cookie with a cup of green tea and that invigorated me until Dinner, Bolognaise Lasagne with broccoli. Delicious!
It is so easy not to have to think about what I’m going to eat as the whole week is planned out for me and all I have to do is heat up, add some vege’s and enjoy!
Jane called me personally today, to talk me through the plan and see if I had any questions. This is part of the service and she will call on a weekly basis to monitor my progress. This is great as you feel you’re not on your own and her support will be paramount in the coming weeks if I’m to reach my goal – which incidentally is to lose 1 stone.
So far I’m very impressed and look forward to losing about 2-3 lbs per week.
Will keep you posted on my progress 🙂

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