Sponsored Video – Small Steps to avoid Secondary Heart Attack


If you’re unfortunate enough to have suffered a heart attack and fortunate enough to have come out the other side, you may be feeling slightly stuck and wondering what to do next.


The most important thing you can do is to take small steps to improve your health slowly….


Do take a little exercise – you don’t have to join a gym, but go out and have a walk – moving is very important for your heart.  It’s good to exercise it – after all it’s a muscle and our muscles need exercising.


Keep eating healthy, fresh foods – your fruit and vegetables are important and much better for your health than pre-bought foods.  Processed and pre-packaged foods have so much hidden salt in them to make them taste better and to preserve them – too much salt isn’t good for the heart!


Drink lots of water!  We need water for our cells to grow and it also makes our blood less viscous, therefore it flows better through the arteries.


If you smoke definitely give it up!  Smoking causes the arteries to harden and plaque calcifies inside making the passage way for the blood to flow smaller and and therefore harder to circulate around the body.


Don’t Stress!  Anxiety and stress have an impact on our hearts causing the blood pressure to rise, therefore putting extra pressure on an already weakened heart – do something that you love to do.  Laughing is good, watch a good comedy, or film.  Singing is fun  and opens up the lungs to increase the oxygen.   But one of the most simple exercises you can do is to breathe – and it’s free!  Take 7 deep long breaths, filling up your lungs and slowly exhale.  Do this morning and night and you’ll be surprised how good it feels.

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