Have Yourself a Merry & Stress Free Christmas!

The build up to Christmas is upon us and here are some Top Tips to keep you sane in the rush….ID-100169894


  • Plan, Plan and Plan – take time out to think about what you REALLY have to do before Xmas and what you can leave to do in January. Some of us are self-employed and need to do our tax before the end of January, so think about where you can fit this in, and not leave to the last minute getting completely stressed 
  • There are going to be a lot of parties and get togethers, which of course entail eating and drinking. Try to limit yourself to one or two glasses as the more you drink the more impact this has on your ability to function properly and puts more stress on your body.
  • Take time out each day to stop and breathe – deeply inhale into your tummy extending it and release all your tension as you exhale. Do this 7 times and it will help regulate your heart and nervous system.  Another breathing exercise is to inhale deeply, hold for 3 seconds, release for a count of 6 and let the tension seep from your body.
  • Exercise – take some brisk walks to clear your head, go to the gym or run, whatever is your thing – fresh air always helps! Tai Chi and Yoga are beneficial for relaxation.
  •  Sleep – if you’re having trouble sleeping, take a warm (not hot) bath before bed with some Lavender or Chamomile essential oils. Take a Magnesium supplement just before bed – it’s great for relaxing the whole body. Listen to a meditation app. Turn off your digital equipment an hour before bed.  Use an Aromatherapy Diffuser to infuse your room with relaxing Aromatherapy Oils.
  • Meditate – mindfulness and meditation are wonderful for clearing your mind – try mediating for at least 10 minutes per day.
  • Keep Hydrated – it’s not as easy to drink water during the colder months but it will help flush out the toxins and keep your body working well. (At least 8 glasses per day and it’s recommend we drink 2 litres daily!)
  • Journal Dump – it’s beneficial to keep a journal by your bed so you can jot things down – also when waking in the morning it’s a great way to get everything down on paper and out of your head!
  • Do something uplifting – when it’s all getting too much reserve some time for you to have fun with friends, laugh, talk and be happy – the best medication there is!
  • Treat yourself –  women are usually the last in the line to do anything for themselves. Have a relaxing treatment, an Aromatherapy Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, or a spa day, – it will make you feel amazing and remember the analogy of putting on your oxygen mask first before you help others.  You absolutely deserve it!

Come and see me at Therapy Harley Street – gift vouchers available for someone in your life you think might love to be more relaxed and rejuvenated.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


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