Got enough Water?

You should get enough water every day? I'm sure you've
heard people say that you should drink 8 glasses of
water a day. Well, that's only maybe true. Like most
things the amount varies with the person and the
conditions around that person. For example, if you live
in very warm areas you'll need more water than

The idea, of course, is to keep our bodies hydrated,
which leads to better overall function, alertness, etc.

Naturally some people will want to chug it all at once,
but that really isn't that good. The idea is to stay
properly hydrated throughout the day.

Try this: stretch your water drinking out over the day.
Fill up a sports bottle and keep it at your desk. Sip
as the mood strikes and you may find yourself getting
all the water you need in a very comfortable manner.

By "sip" I don't mean take a bit every couple of hours.
I refill mine several times a day.

Why a sports bottle? So that when it Tips Over you won't 
get water all over your papers, your desk, and your keyboard! 

And just so you know.. fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, power
drinks, etc. don't count as water for the
purpose of this discussion.

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