Where the Scientific meets the Holistic

Working too much or facing personal challenges?

Looking after everyone but yourself and desperately missing some ‘me-time’?

Feeling over-stressed by small things like missing the bus or losing your keys?

Finding it difficult to sleep?

Feeling Anxious and Irritable?



Sounds like you could do with some time in THE COCOON.


Stress is personal. And so is the most effective way to release it.

That’s why THE COCOON – THE ULTIMATE DE-STRESS PACKAGE is tailored specifically to you.


THE COCOON is a completely bespoke selection of scientific and holistic therapies chosen to help you revive, refuel and release stress, whatever its cause. All in the hands of one experienced Harley Street therapist you can fully trust.  You’ll enter a protective environment where you can make changes to look after yourself, you’ll shed the old and develop new techniques, habits and processes to take you forward.




Over twelve weeks you work with me to get to the root of your stresses, learn to unwind and discover vital techniques to help you move forward in great shape.

If you’re not sleeping well…

If you’re anxious and irritable….

If you have aches and pains…

If life is getting you down…. we can help!  Start your transformation in The Cocoon –  a process where you’re heard and supported the whole way through and come out the other side in better shape, ready to fly!


You start the programme with a heart screening . This simple procedure measures artery stiffness to assess your current cardiovascular health and give you an idea how it might be in 10 years’ time.


Then you are cocooned in a customised programme of wellbeing coaching and carefully chosen complimentary therapies  including Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Hypnosis, Mindfulness & Meditation to help you get back on track. Every session is with me, so together we’ll build up a detailed, confidential profile of your personal wellbeing. Together we work out what is going to be best for YOU over the 12 week period.


Learn things you didn’t know about yourself

During your time in this luxurious cocoon you’ll get to know yourself better and emerge bursting with energy and emotional and physical tips to help you stay well.


First I do a detailed assessment of your current state of health and wellbeing, which takes between 1.5 to 2 hours. After that, coaching and therapy sessions last between 60-90 minutes and take place at my welcoming consulting room in Harley Street. ID-100221373


The whole thing rounds off with another heart screening  so you can see just what kind of impact the programme has had on your overall health and wellbeing.



Your three months in THE COCOON include:


  • 2 x heart screenings (at start and end)
  • Reviving therapies a pick and mix from:
    • Aromatherapy Massage: full-body therapeutic massage to help body, mind and spirit relax and revive
    • Indian Head Massage: one of the oldest forms of therapy, excellent for easing tension
    • Hypnosis: to help reduce anxiety, boost confidence and overcome challenging issues
    • Reiki: hands-on healing to calm and soothe and release
    • Mindfulness & Meditation –learn relaxing breathing techniques
  • Wellbeing Coaching sessions
  • Weekly contact



If you think The Cocoon might be for you but want to talk about it before making your investment please contact me to see if this is for you


WARNING: Spending time in THE COCOON could leave you feeling SERIOUSLY relaxed, sleeping better, and less anxious!



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