No-one wants to hear about your miscarriage.

25% of women in the UK suffer miscarriage and pregnancy loss, yet it is often swept under the carpet and not spoken about. For years miscarriage has been a “taboo” subject. You can’t talk about losing your baby because no … Continued

Aromatherapy for Menopause

As a Holistic Therapy Practitioner and Aromatherapist we continue our development each year to ensure we are keeping up with new information and techniques. My most recent extra Holistic Therapy development course was in Menopause (facilitated by Jo Kellett – From the … Continued

Menopause NOT linked to Heart Disease

The latest findings blows the theory that Menopause increases Heart Disease in women. The research found that aging and not hormonal changes brought on by menopause cause deaths from cardiovascular disease. Heart disease mortality rates in women progress at a … Continued

A Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart

Today an article was published in The Mirror by Marina Gask, and it included a quote from me….Hope you enjoy reading it! How to have a happy heart Many of us don’t tend to get sensible about our heart health … Continued

Heart Health & Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is considered to be the more bioactive form of vitamin D. Scientific studies have shown that vitamin D in the form of D3 is better absorbed and more efficient in raising blood levels of vitamin D. D2 was … Continued

Last week of the JanePlan Diet

I’m on the home run! 3 weeks done and 1 to go! So far I’ve lost 9 1/2 llbs – not bad going and I’ve been so very good, except last Saturday night I had a night off – I … Continued