Cardio Pulse Wave Screening

Have you had your arteries screened?

Are you a 40 year old with an 80 year old cardiovascular system or that of a 20 year olds?
Cardio Pulse Wave Screening shows you the elasticity or stiffness of your cardiovascular system.
It’s a non-invasive process that uses a watch-like device strapped to your wrist. Within minutes it calculates your personal wave-form profile. The result is an “age ratio” of your entire cardiovascular system. In effect, it tells you how old your arteries are in comparison to your real age.
Previously, the only way to find this out is by using a surgical technique known as Femoral Catheterisation . Cardio Pulse Wave Screening gives 99.17% the same result as surgery.
This is a great way to see where you lie in relation to your age, and you can use this information to help prevent Cardiovascular disease, heart attacks or strokes.

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