Week 1 of JanePlan

Week One of JanePlan is complete! I hastily jumped on the dreaded scales after my first week and discovered that I’d lost 2 kilos (4.4 lbs). What a result! I’m over half way to losing my first half a stone. … Continued

JanePlan Diet

Day One of JanePlan….. Yesterday a very heavy box was delivered and as I excitedly opened it, I discovered my meals for the next month! How good is that, breakfast (delicious cereals), lunch, scrummy soups and dinner, a whole lotof … Continued

Your Diet Designed and Delivered

Most of us love to eat and we all know that we must eat healthily to maintain good health. However when Christmas comes along we do tend to treat ourselves and there is always so much chocolate around! So when … Continued

Cut Daily Salt Intake

We have all heard it time and time again, cut down on your salt intake in order to help with high blood pressure. The above link gives us the reason why…. and it looks like we should sit up and … Continued

Cardio Pulse Wave Screening

Have you had your arteries screened? Are you a 40 year old with an 80 year old cardiovascular system or that of a 20 year olds? Cardio Pulse Wave Screening shows you the elasticity or stiffness of your cardiovascular system. … Continued

Got enough Water?

You should get enough water every day? I’m sure you’veheard people say that you should drink 8 glasses ofwater a day. Well, that’s only maybe true. Like mostthings the amount varies with the person and theconditions around that person. For … Continued

Introduction to Forever Living

FOREVER has dedicated themselves to seeking out nature‚Äôs best source for health and beauty and offering them to the world. Their products are the result of that search to date. They are very proud that they have benefited millions around … Continued