Cut Daily Salt Intake

We have all heard it time and time again, cut down on your salt intake in order to help with high blood pressure.

The above link gives us the reason why…. and it looks like we should sit up and take notice!
So next time you think about shaking your salt onto your food, think about your blood pressure and cut down on your salt intake.

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  1. Mherky

    A few things to do. 1. Drink water: sodnus crazy but it works, it flushes your body of toxins that could be causing you to be bloated2. Eat Yogurt: it has live active cultures which clean your digestive system and make way for the good bacteria3. Eat Bananas: they contain potassium which aid in digestion too.4. Exercise: just walking, nothing crazy can help to get your blood flowing and your digestive tract moving. Hope that helps!! -3Was this answer helpful?


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